2010 - Late @ The Tate

"3 steps" - Video work by - Ray-V
"Quiet Voices" Exhibition - 08.01.2010
Tate Museum
"Late at Tate" - 08 Jan 2010
Curated by John Rixon

2008 - VJ Ray-V: No.15

DJMAG Top 20 VJ List 2008 announced
Thanks to everyone who voted!

Who is Ray-V?

Ray-V is Tel Aviv based video designer and Live Visual Artist.
Ray-V landed the "15 Entry" position at Top 20 VJ's list at DJMAG 2008,
and a "New Entry" No.11 position at Top 20 VJ's list at DJMAG 2007.

Ray-V's background in film study and making, together with her musical background, helped her evolve as a visual artist.

Ray-V is creating and mixing live video she creates herself at various Music Events and Concerts, Fashion shows, corporate events and clubs nights. Ray-V produce work consists of original materials.

Some of Ray-V's recent work aimed for Immersive environment projects = video for inerior design.

Ray-V love what she does and to date is fortunate enough to have cooperated with many amazing artists across the globe including: Inside-Us-All [UK], VJ Pixylight [USA], & Kritan Flux [Berlin], Nran [IL] and many more.

You are all welcome to explore other sections of Ray-V's website for further info about past and upcoming gigs, media packages, demo reels or get in touch with Ray-V directly.

Ray-v VJ Reel 2010

Ray-v VJ Reel 2007

Ray-v VJ Reel 2007 from rayv on Vimeo.





Ray-v has collaborated with other VJ's & Visuals Collectives such as:


PI-simulations-2 - Panoramic Immersive Environment

Erykah Badu - Ray-v's Visual - Bitan 1 - Tel Aviv

Ray-V screens - DJ MK Feat. Roots Manuva

Ray-V VJ kit

The De La Soul gig / vj ray-v