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Ray-V has been performing live as a VJ for over 9 years now at Art festivals, Music Concerts, parties and club nights, side by side with the greatest DJ's & musicians world-wide, as well as at corporate events, fashion shows & company presentations, creating video content & commercial product launches, in charge of the visual packaging by creating "tailor made content".

Ray-V is producing content for immersive environments projects.

Past VJ Showreels


2004- Ray-V Live VJ showreel from rayv on Vimeo.


Ray-v's reel 2003 from rayv on Vimeo.


Winston VJ LOOP
Uploaded by vj_rayv


Ray-V's work contains 30+ hours of original & modular video content, using different software that can be controlled in real-time in order to reach a perfect beat mix -which connects the visuals to the music & creates the right atmosphere to enhance the event.

Playing musical instruments for many years enables Ray-v to work well with beat precision. Ray-V creates, mix and plays colors, videos, animations and motion graphics, using them together as musical instruments, keeping it fresh by constantly refining, re-working and adding new material to her sets. Her sources are renewed by shooting her own videos; processing them into her own dimension of visual language, as the work is created and constantly reconstructed, deconstructed, tweaked and fine-tuned.

Kit: 3 Laptops - using Resolume, Flowmotion, Video Mixer Edirol V4 / Panasonic MX50, Fader Fox midi controller. Oxygen Midi Keyboard and the amazing Free-Frame plug-ins of: Intrinsic, Inside-Us-All, Syzygy, Bigfug, Pete Warden.


RaY-v Content on WellRedman screens-Def Leppard USA Tour 2005

Ray-V DualHead -Screens - Pic by Yaneev T.

Ray-V at Boom Festival 2002

Polish Institue Launch 2007,TLV

Befor Door opens -Screens @ Goran Bregovic Gig - pic by:Nran