Immersive Environments - Interior Design / 360 degrees Seamless Video projections

360 degrees Video projections - Lounge Bar Ray-V has produced 3 hours of large-scale original video content for a 360 display of permanent installation, including set-up and design, for a new lounge bar (Created at 4000x300 pixels)

360 Emmersive Video projections from rayv on Vimeo.

3 hours content created by: Ray-V
3d Simulations: Bas - from pantoffeldiertjes [NL]

Planetarium Dome Projections

Ray-V has produced original video content for a Planetarium Dome (Created at 3000x3000 pixels)

Dome Projections from rayv on Vimeo

PI - Immersive Environment
360 degrees Video projections Seamless video
With Dave Green [inside-Us-All]



Boom Festival 2004 Portugal-Crop Circle Installation

Boom Festival-Crop Circle Installation

Ray-V screens - Dela soul- Hangar 11, Tel Aviv Pic by:Roni Kaufman

Roots Manuva -Pic by: Goni Riskin

TimeOut-TLV event

Ray-V at Goran Bregovic gig -Pic by: Nran